Nick Ondrako: Recorded

People have so many great experiences and adventures to share that I figured I would hit record and release them in a podcast format.

Curiosity may be our greatest attribute. It has driven the human race to remarkable achievements. As a lifelong entrepreneur I find that my curiosity has help me succeed when others may have failed. I think it drives the daily hustle and keeps you coming back for more. It may be the fuel that allows you to keep going and have that never quit mentality. Our it may all be shit, I’m still curious to figure that out.

This podcast is inspired by all the people that are pursuing their dreams and living life on their terms, I hope they can share stories that inspire others to do that same. I want people to listen and say “hey, if they can do it so can I.” I want these stories to make people think about their life and question if what they are doing is truly making them happy. I hope it helps people to calibrate their passions and motivates them to pursue a career that centers around that passion. I also enjoy great stories and get to broaden my world view on an array of topics, which is fun.

Currently Recording.
Please look for the podcast on iTunes beginning in April 2018.

Guest Ideas

Do you know of someone that would make a great guest on the show?