A Little About Me

I’m an entrepreneur from New York that loves the process of building businesses. I graduated from college in 2005 with degrees in Marketing & Business Administration.  

In 2009 I launched a business & marketing agency called AO Studios. We created a division called Golf Web Design, which focused on digital solutions in golf and set the benchmark for how the industry now markets in the digital space.

I author a monthly article for PGA Magazine, titled Digital Business, which educates and exposes business owners to some of the newer ways in which to reach their audiences. I also co-hosted the podcast, The Big Golf Show, which explores similar topics. I am currently still a member of the PGA of America.

In 2014, HIBR was formed. The pillows and mattresses are loved by athletes all over the country and are changing how they approach recover. Athletes love sleeping on HIBR products (all non-paid endorsements) and see performance benefits from our technologies.

My new podcast, Nick Ondrako: Recorded, talks with fascinating people about their life and how they follow their passions. People have so many great experiences and adventures to share that I figured I’d hit the record button and release them in podcast form.

My philanthropy ambitions lead me to serve as Board Chairman for the American Pit Bull Foundation, a national non-profit organization that aims to educate and provide resources about pit bull type dogs. Their flagship program is Operation Sidekick which trains rescued pit bulls as service dogs for Veterans suffering from PTSD.

I’m also a CrossFit addict.

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